Scrap & Demolition Shears

The XS Series Mobile Scrap and Demolition Shears provide versatility and power with full 360° hydraulic rotation.

For carriers of 22,000 lbs. and heavier


The XS Series of Mobile Scrap & Demolition Shears are designed for demolishing steel structures, scrapping motor vehicles, rail cars, ships and tanks, cutting large tires to size, and general processing of industrial and mixed scrap. They are also productive for cutting cable and steel wire, railway rails, and concrete demolition with heavy rebar.

  • 360° continuous powered rotation: Every working position can be accessed quickly and precisely. Large slewing ring allows shears to work in a horizontal position under a high load.
  • Protected power cylinder: Massive power cylinder’s rod is designed for total protection during its cycle; oil is supplied via the piston rod. Cylinder is actually in reversed position: as shear arm closes, the cylinder barrel moves outward while rod remains protected in shear housing.
  • Oversized main bearing: Large dimension of shear arm bearing means minimal wear to pin and bushing.
  • Highest grade materials: Shear arm is constructed of wear-resistant fine grain steel; reinforcing plates on both sides serve as wear plates. Main housing is also made from fine grain steel.
  • Advanced arrangement of cutter blades for high productivity: Front cutter, wear cutter and wear tip interact to allow thin-walled objects and components to be swiftly pierced and cut. Unique wear tip ensures rapid penetration of shear arm through tanks, plate structures, large diameter pipes, etc. Front and side cutters are positioned and designed to discourage arm jamming. Main cutters can be turned four times.
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