Trapac Hydraulic Plate Compactors

TraPac boom-mounted vibratory plate compactors handle the toughest compaction tasks, yet are easy to operate and mount

For carriers from 3,000 to 100,000 lbs.


Tramac’s TraPac operating system combines maximum eccentric weight with precise proportions of amplitude and vibration frequency that will generate the most productive centrifugal force. TraPac hydraulic compactors can generate a Mod Proctor density of 95% or better, and are designed for compacting granular and moderately cohesive soils.

  • Maximum production
    – Oversize eccentric, driven by compactor’s hydraulic motor, produces powerful vibrations transmitted through baseplate to soil
    – Vibrations rearrange soil particles, drive out air and moisture for optimum compaction
  • Minimum Maintenance
    – Bearings run in oil bath–no greasing required
    – Baseplate and eccentric housing integrally mounted, no bolts to tighten
    – Heavy rubber isolators protect carrier boom from vibrations
  • Fast, easy installation
    – Complete installation kits for all carrier models simplify hook-up
    – Kits allow easy replacement of carrier bucket with TraPac compactor
  • Vibratory pile driving
    – Compactor can double as pile driver in suitably granular soils
    – Placed atop a sheet pile, signpost or similar object, compactor’s powerful vibrating forces along with slight down pressure will quickly slide the pile into the ground
  • Mounting Options
    – available as standard side plate, pin-on configuration or flat plate with bolt pattern for bracket cap mounting (TM Version)
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