Medium Range Breakers

For breaking concrete with thicknesses up to 36 inches and medium fractured rock. Excellent for interior gut-out, curb and gutter breaking, industrial rehab and other demanding demolition jobs. The larger sizes are highly effective in breaking oversize boulders, excavating, and concrete demolition in thicknesses up to 6 ft.

For large loader backhoes, and medium size excavators up to 56,000 lbs.


  • Easy Mounting Hydraulics provide fast and simple installation.
  • Engineering Innovations Extend Equipment Life: Advanced design and construction aid in extending the effective operating life of TRAMAC hammers. A free-flow hydraulic principle eases stress on circuitry and reduces the need for the number of vulnerable seals required by more conventional designs. Blank firing protection and replaceable tool bushings help prolong chuck housing life.
  • Cool Operation Reduces Maintenance Cost: Heat breaks down hydraulic fluids, generating abrasives which can adversely affect smooth functioning of the system. Unlike most conventional hammers, TRAMAC’s advanced engineering eliminates any need for auxiliary cooling devices.
  • Metro-Silenced (MS) versions are available for noise-sensitive work locations.
    – Enclosed housing and soundproofing materials absorb noise.
  • Energy Recovery Valve
    – Recycles rebound energy, adds it to the next blow
    – Unique feature of Tramac breakers
  • Built-in Pressure Regulator
    – Tramac is the only manufacturer to offer this feature.
    – Maintains correct operating pressure for maximum and constant performance