Application: For light to medium breaking operations on rock, concrete, asphalt and industrial materials. Ideal for in-plant and exterior tasks such as gut-out, machine slab demolition, and light curb and gutter breaking.
SC Series specially designed to function three ways - as breaker, bucket, and compactor - with quickly interchangeable accessories, requiring only one operator.
Carrier: Designed for mini-excavators, backhoes and skid steers

SC Series with Interchangeable Bucket and Compactor Accessories:
New series of light breakers revolutionizes the work process. SC breakers quickly accept either buckets or compaction plates with a patented, easy-to-use steel ring system. One operator with one excavator can break material, remove debris, then tamp the surface, quickly and economically finishing the job.

  • Patented steel ring system for changing accessories: ring locks the tool retainer and bushing, protects greasing system. Use the included multiple-use tool to remove the ring, releasing bushing and tool instantly.

  • AutoPower automatic pressure regulator and sealed nitrogen chamber mean optimum power across a broad flow range, with high back pressure
  • Redesigned, simplified interior mechanics for quick, easy maintenance and cost control: no tie rods; few moving parts; quick disassembly.
  • Cylindrical ergonomic shape is excellent for tight spaces. Striking assembly is suspended within the cylindrical housing, not in contact with it, greatly reducing noise and potential for overheating.

  • No extra hydraulics needed when attaching the bucket or compactor accessories.

Other Light Breakers

  • Easy Mounting Hydraulics: Provide fast and simple installation, plugging into the carrier's auxiliary circuit -- no special hydraulic lines or extra valves needed.

  • Superior Control: TRAMAC's light breakers start in a low impact mode allowing the operator to create a small cavity in the material which helps hold the tool in place as full impact power is applied. This "Soft Start" feature helps increase productivity.

  • High Impact, High Frequency, High Production: Lighter material breaks better with a high striking rate.

  • Internal Recoil Absorber: Reduces vibrations to the carrier.

  • Super Metro-Silenced (SMS) versions of non-SC models are available for noise-sensitive work locations.
    - Enclosed housing and soundproofing materials absorb noise.

  • Built-in Pressure Regulator
    - Tramac is the only manufacturer to offer this feature.
    - Maintains correct operating pressure for maximum and constant performance.

SC Demo Video

Models and Specifications:

SC6, SC8, SC12, SC16, SC22, SC28, SC36, SC42, SC50 PDF

SC36HT & SC42HT Models PDF