CPA X-Tend

CPA Micro
New mini version of Tramac's CPA rock drill combines power and compact size.



Tramac's CPA rock drill is VERSATILE enough to complete standard bench and quarry production drilling with unmatched set-up speed, as well as special applications where rough terrain and reach are factors.

Applications include:
- Utility work
- Pipeline trenching
- Rough terrain general construction
- Long reach work
- Anchoring and rock bolting

Carrier: Designed for carriers from 5 to 50 metric tons.

Fully Self-Contained
Unlike other units that require complicated plumbing on excavators, all necessary valving and controls are contained on board. CPA drills easily adapt to existing hammer plumbing.

Models and Specifications: CPA, CPA X-Tend

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CPA, CPA X-Tend, CPA Micro

World Famous Montabert Drifter

Superior drifter piston shape

  • Maximum impact energy is delivered to the rock

  • Superior shock wave mirrors the shape of the piston resulting in higher production

Rebound Energy Recovery Valve

  • Recycles rebounding shock waves, adding energy to next blow

Reverse Percussion Option

  • Full anti-jamming when drilling through fractured rock

Drilling Automatics -- Rock Reader Technology

  • Drifter senses varying material hardness. Automatically adjusts:
    - Feed pressure
    - Rotation
    - Percussion pressure
    - Feed speed forward and backwards

Other options include:

  • Choice of feed sizes available in 24 foot and 14 foot configurations

  • Rod changing carousel

  • Speed anchoring

  • Hydraulic front centralizer


As a drill steel advances it encounters zones of varying material hardness. Each such zone requires an adjustment in drilling technique for optimum production and equipment safety. Montabert's world-renowned drifters and drill control technology sense rock conditions as the hole advances, and automatically make the necessary corrections to rotation, feed and percussion pressure, and feed speed forward and backward